14 May 2020 transplanted black berries from Bill & Christine’s.  Dug them up with Christine while Sophia played nearby.  Planted the blackberries here on the western edge of our gorgeous sappling waddle fence that Gerryji built over several weekends.  The remaining blackberries I planted uphill on west side of house, underneath hemlock’s shadow, so they are unlikely to thrive there, but at least they can grow as lavishly as they please in that location.

16 May 2020 planted 3 foxglove and 5 lupines from Burgy Greenhouse and a rhubarb and 5 blue vervain’s from Devlin

21 May 2020 Sawmill Herb Farm 2 angelicas planted in lower spiral garden where they have partial shade, but I think we shall move them to wellhead overflow area near where I intend to seed meadowsweet, self-heal, & elderberry to be companions to the luscious trillium already growing there.  We definitely need to place intensive attention and meticulous clearing to the bittersweet from that area.  Also from Sawmill, 2 Arnica montana, 1 Humulus lupus (hops), 2 Spilanthes, 1 Baical scutelaria, 1 marshmallow, 2 Salvia aping (white sage), 2 Vana tulsi, 1 Astragalus, 1 goji berry, 1 peppermint (likes moist, well-drained, full sun), 1 turmeric, 1 ginger, chamomile.

23 May 2020 Transplanted from my Amherst gardens: rue! lavender! Indigo baptisia! Comfrey root! Elecampane Root! Arnica! Foxglove! to join the previous transplants from my Amherst garden: Rosa rugosa! Black cohosh! Peony! Lavender! lemon balm! Blue flag Iris, Rose, Wormwood, Daffodils, Valerian, Blueberry, Bloodroot!

23 May 2o2o P/U from Clearpath Herbals: Gotu kola Centella asiatica WET place, will be annual here, 2 Wood betony, 1 catnip, 6 sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata), 6 California poppy…

25 May 2020 Nearly finished pulling bittersweet from it’s overbearing area.  We burned 2 piles from previous pull this past Saturday and noticed it seems to have high BTU’s -burns hot, large and fast.  Plan to see if it burns when wet.  Added phlox and goji berry yesterday.  Rhubarb last week, and perennials are nearly added with spiral garden flush.  Seeded tulsi, added white sage too.  Astragalus will need at least 3 years and I built a stone circle for the catnip.  The hummingbirds come and go, sipping near the lemon balm & today Gerry saw the Coopers Hawk that previously had shown itself with me.  Day 4 of seeing the fox running down the road to the chickens and ducks.  It seems to make eye contact every time.  Yellow finches and robins in the yard today too.  The peonies are beginning to bud & bleeding heart is in middle of it’s season of bloom.  Red trillium finishing/drying out as bloodroot’s bloom finished weeks ago.  She seems happy in her spot of dappled light, next to water.  The marshmallow look happy though the new plant from nursery is a violet.  The plants we transplanted from Amherst are happy – elecampane, rosa rugosa, black cohosh, valerian, rue, St. John’s wort, Yarrow, Echi, Monarda – though the comfrey seems challenged.  Some baptisia good, one super challenged as it was dug but left in the hot western sun for an hour before moved – hopefully she recovers well.  May have lost a lavender or two and maybe a butterfly weed in the move, hoping they revive.  It’s a huge job physically, but energetically and spiritually too to dig plants from my old home.  I wish to bring them, yet am sensitive to the brutish nature of just digging them and leaving bare holes behind, though that’s as Elya has invited me to do.  I find that many plants here feel like cooperative projects between Gerry and myself and it’s a delicate process to blend ourselves and our home/goals/desires with respect to each of us.

…still looking for Elder –> would like to grow 30 of them!  Moist, rich soil with partial shade…will plant near the wet part of wellhead overflow drain while simultaneously clearing bittersweet.  2021 has arrivals of 3 elder of Samyl and Samdal varieties, coming from Nourse Farm (May 2021 p/u)…