Pulsatilla Anemone pulsatilla, prefers high elevation sites, rock gardens, fast draining, regular garden or poor soil in full sun.  plant as soon as possible in fast draining mix and keep moist, shaded and in outdoor conditions. Strictly Medicinal Seeds for 2021

Rhodiola, Russian Rhodiola rosa zones 1-7, fleshy-rooted succulent prefers heavy soils, full sun to part shade, with infrequent watering.  sow in flats in fall or early winter in outdoor conditions. Press seed into soil surface & tamp. screen against birds & mice. Germs as soil warms in spring. OR Mix in moist medium & refridgerate 90 days then sow in cool shade, planting 6″ apart. Strictly Medicinal Seeds for 2021

Sweet Woodruff Galium odoratum, zones 4-7, evergreen ground cover thrives in moist garden or forest soils. Sow in pots or directly in spring, in shade garden.  Barely cover, tamp well, keep evenly moist until germ (up to 3 months). OR60 day moist refrigeration first.  thin/transplant to 6-12″ apart. SMS for 2021

Meadowsweet: Filipendula ulmaria aka Spirea ulmaria, seeds from Strictly Medicinal Seeds (SMS) ” zones 3-9, herbaceous perennial prefers partial shade, moist soils.  sow seed early spring directly in garden or greenhouse. barely cover seed, tamp well, even moisture until germination (3-6 weeks), seedlings slow to develop at first, then fast-growing.  Once plants have 2nd set leaves, thin/transplant to 1-2′ apart.

Pink lupines, seeds gathered and shared 2020 by my dear, sweet spirit sister Nathalie

Purple gentian seeds found in the wilds of Western Mass…

Arnica montana seeds gathered July 2020 from our spiral gardens on Full Moon Eclipse Day!


California poppy seeds from our spiral sanctuary gardens gathered 2020

California poppy Eschscholzia californica self-seeding perennial prefers poor, fast draining or roadside gravel & sunny exposure. sow in fall/early spring by scattering on disturbed soil & pressing firmly. Germs fall/early spring w/ fast growth of basal rosette & flowering in early summer. Space plants 1′ apart. SMS seeds for 2021

Arnica montana seeds from our spiral sanctuary gardens gathered 2020

Astragalus membranaceous seeds from FEDCO for 2021 growing season

Astragalus membranaceous seeds from my Amherst gardens harvested gathered 2017

Butterflyweed seeds gathered from gardens at BreadEuphoria gathered 2020

Yellow Beach Poppy seeds gathered at Planting Island gathered 2020

Baptisia tinctoria seeds gathered from our spiral sanctuary gardens gathered 2020

kale seeds shared by our dear friend Michelle gathered 2020

Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris zones 3-9, thrives in moist garden, pasture, orchard or stream side soil in the shade or sun.  In Spring, sow in pots or directly in garden, barely cover, tamp well, keep cool and evenly moist until germ (1-3 weeks).  This or transplant to 1′ apart.  SMS for 2021 growing season

Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis perennial thrives cool, moist, rich, sandy loam in forest/shade garden.  In fall/early spring, sow directly in garden or cool greenhouse.  Press into surface soil and barely cover, even moisture & light until germ (2-3 weeks).  Thin/transplant to 12″ apart. SMS for 2021 growing season

German Winter Thyme Thymus vulgaris thrives in sunny, dry, well-drained soil. Springtime, sow in pots or directly in garden. Rough up seedbed, surface sow, tamp firmly, keep evenly moist & in the light until germ (1-3 weeks). Thin/transplant 2′ apart.  In FALL, PRUNE to 2″ above old growth, shaping into a mound. SMS for 2021

Borage Borago officinalis germs in 14-18 days.  Early spring as soon as ground (spaded deeply) can be worked. Sow 1/8-1/4″ deep, 18″ apart. Thin to 6-8″ apart when plants 2″  Hart’s seeds for 2020

DIRECT SEED post snow

Wild arugula seed from spiral garden 2020

Greens mix, OG 45-68 days, plant 1/8″ deep, 1/2″ apart in rows/beds 12-18″ apart early spring to fall.  Transplant/thin to 6″ FEDCO for 2021

Salad Bowl Lettuce heirloom, 5-10 days to emerge, sow 1/8″ deep, 3 seeds every 8″, rows 12″ apart, at 1/2″ tall, thin to every 8″.  sow outside 2-4 weeks before last frost 40degrees daily, sow indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost and in summer when too hot to germinate (above 80 degrees), Botanical Interests for 2021

Pinto beans Gerry collected from Bullitt Reservation, first harvest 2019

Pinto beans from last years plants

Black beans from last years plants given by Michelle

Poppy, red & purple collected fall 2020 Next Barn Over [try sprouting some in trays too]

Dahlia bulbs collected 2020 Next Barn Over


Calendula officinalis, 40-50 days mature, loves good soil, full sun, regular water.  Barely cover, tamp securely & keep evenly moist, warm and light.  Germ app 1 week.  Thin or transplant 6-12″ self-seeding annual SMS for 2021

Calendula seeds gathered Next Barn Over 2020

Resina Calendula, sow outdoors late April/early May.  likes sun, space 8-12″, 12-18″ tall FEDCO 2021

Cleome Mix, start indoors APRIL or direct seed after all frost danger, avg soil, 4’tall, FEDCO 2021

Cosmos, Cranberries, start 4-6 wks early or sow after frost danger, 9-12″ apart, 3-4′ tall FEDCO 2021

Cosmos, orange originally from Baba Neem Karoli’s Nainatal Ashram, India. 2019 Conway Bandara gift offering, gathered Nov 2020 spiral garden first blossom on 9/11/20 Baba’s day of departure.

Cosmos, white & purple gathered from Next Barn Over fields 2020

Cardinal Lobelia, seeds gathered from our lower water garden at end of French drain 2020.  I believe I purchased the plants last year from Laurenitis Farm in Sunderland.  The very first time I ever saw this plant was flowering in a steep, rocky riverbed as I climbed down from a waterfall in the Smokey Mountains west and north of Asheville, NC, 2017.  So glad this glorious, elusive beauty has arrived and is thriving here!

Giant Marigolds, Orange.  Next Barn Over fields 2020

Little marigolds 2020 gathered

Giant Marigolds, Yellow. Next Barn Over fields Aug 15, 2020

Marigold seeds found in a crack in windowsill, from Shelburne Grange

Cheese pumpkin seeds from Laurenitis grown cheese pumpkin. Collected 2020

Virginia tobacco seeds gathered at our tiered garden at Abbot Hollow.  Tobacco must have been 8-10 feet tall! ’20

Plum tomato seeds from NBO fruit 2020

(Krishna or Rama) Tulsi from Devon’s gardens Shelburne Center, 2019

Vana Tulsi gathered from Abbot Hollow 2020

White Sage, Salvia aping seed collected at Abbot Hollow Sanctuary 2020, plants grown in upper spiral garden

Mary Jane seeds pulled from Mike and Barb’s cuttings 2020

Mixed Zinia seeds from Greg and Michelle’s gardens 2020