Enter the Mystery/Creation Elixir

This elixir gives a dreamy, spacious, yet warming feeling that gives space to let go a bit and get into the flow! Maybe your passion is music or visual art, perhaps you would like time bonding your inner nature with Mother Earth’s nature, or perhaps you wish to conceive a little person… this elixir, softens our angsts and lets us return to a sense of oneness with all that is.  Local Mugwort, Vanilla Beans, Damiana & rose petals. Remember yourself to be your own beloved!

Lavender Elixir

For this elixir, I harvest lavender petals from her first flowers in early summer til the fall frost! This lovely potion is gentle enough for children to enjoy and soothes us much as a beloved elder does for a child.

Calm & Soothe tincture

Helps to drop levels of anxiety with a distinct effect while also allowing us to think clearly! Can be taken in small quantities for long-term support of the nervous system.

Rose Petal Potion

Another name we have for Rose Petal Potion is “Hug in a Bottle”, we think that says it all

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